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Lantopolog maakt een overzicht van je Routers, en Switches via het SNMP protocol en kan zo een mooi overzicht van de gebruikte en ongebruikte poorten weergeven.

Ook als je werkt met patchpanels kan dit een waardevole aanvulling op je toolbox zijn.

Het programma is gemaakt door Yuriy Volokitin en is shareware, maar wel volledig functioneel en werk zonder enige restrictie.

Systeemeisen: Windows Vista / 2008 / 7 / 8 / 2012 / 10 / 2016


Key features

- Automatic physical network topology discovery based on SNMP
- Provides detailed and searchable physical network topology map
   so you can quickly isolate network connectivity failures
- LanTopoLog Switch Port Mapper tool maps the physical port connections of a switch
  to MAC and IP addresses of the attached devices
- LanTopoLog works with any model of switch
- Shows VLAN assignment, port status, port's current speed, LACP ports
- Detecting new devices in the network and notifying of this event
- Import allows you to add custom data to the map
- Icon context menu for custom command
- LanTopoLog also includes network monitoring tools
- Monitoring device's state (active/inactive) in real-time using ICMP
- Generating alarms when there are failures in the network
- E-mail alerts notifying
- Web browser-based access from anywhere in the network
- LanTopoLog uses WMI queries to collect computer inventory information
- Export switch list and switch connection table to csv file
- Resolve ip to name, export computer list to csv file
- Network traffic monitoring
- Monitoring invalid and dropped packets (ifInErrors, ifInDiscards)
- Notify the administrator when traffic thresholds are exceeded
- Easy-to-use interface
- The program do not write anything to the operating system area (registry, system folders)
   and is portable
- The program is safe to use and does not send any data to anywhere.

Feel free to email me any errors or comments to

Download LanTopoLog 2 2.40 (build 12, lantopolog240_setup.exe size: 1.17 MB) The unregistered version has full functionality for testing and evaluation
but some features work for a limited time

Download portable LanTopoLog 2 2.40 (build 12, size: 1.18 MB) Portable version of LanTopoLog 2 is available.
Download portable LanTopoLog 2 2.41 beta (build 7, size: 1.19 MB) LanTopoLog 2 version 2.41 beta supports SNMP v3

Download LanTopoLog service manager (build 1, size: 0.6 MB) LanTopoLog service manager allows to run LanTopoLog as service

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