What is a database software?

Database software is a software program which is used for designing, editing and maintaining database files and records. This permits users to store data in the form of structured fields, columns, and tables, which can then be revived directly or through programmatic access.

Here we share a list of some free database management systems which allow you to work efficiently and at ease :

Best Database Management Systems:

SQL Server Data Tools

What is SSDT? SQL Server Data Tools(SSDT) is a toolset which permits professional database and application developers to carry out their database design work for SQL Server and SQL Azure within Visual Studio. SSDT offers a rich SQL Server development experience with amazing language services and VS integration, and declarative as well, model-based tools which can be utilized for both online and offline development.

Open Keyval

An open source, web-based free database management service which doesn’t require any registration, allowing the user to use the tool immediately. If you want to use the tool, you will receive a JSON format can be requested or deleted at any time.


A web-based MySQL database management tools application, which is built with PHP as well. With a desktop-like interface, the application connects with several local and remote databases.

This allows developers to work on different tabs while working on multiple tasks as well. This tool helps to edit/design/delete databases, rows, procedures, triggers and do many other things.


An open source and a PHP powered application, DBV helps to include databases into their version of a control system. After installation, it can track every schema or record change and hence, allows a developer to export a SQL well, that shows the same change in a folder of choice.

As this SQL file is committed with control database development tools, it is visible to everyone connected with the tool. Moreover, this supports MySQL by default and also connects with other databases by a simple interface that is used to execute connectors of every kind.


A free database software download application system and with the capability to work on various engines like Oracle, Sybase, SQLite, MySQL, MSSQl among many others.

Moreover, this application is built with Java, and can operate them in major operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. It also handles a number of functions like metadata editing, user management, multiple connectivities among others and is about to become an open source in future.


With desktop-like functionality, this is a great developer tool and has both MySQL and SQLite manager. Designing, editing and deleting tables could be conducted in a fast way and also possible to work on multiple items, making this as an effective tool.

JavaScript (JS)

An easy usable application, sequel.js is a lightweight JavaScript library which helps you to build SQL query easily through object-oriented API.

Though this works on the browser, yet it is advised not to use it in that format because it will not be visible to everyone.This application can be tailored to support non-standard queries, and hence is a good choice for developers.


A lightweight application which works on Windows, this allows developers to manage MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases in an effective manner.

With this, developers can edit and browse data, design and edit tables, procedures and schedule events.

My DB Studio

A free database management software, this has several features. Can connect with multiple databases, it permits making of tables, record, and databases.

Moreover, a WYSIWYG editor and running select queries are also available in this application. A PHP code to display data from tables is also a part of the programme.


A single-file, self-hosted and web-based solution, Genghis is a tool that can manage MongoDB databases in the best way. This tool can be installed either singly on PHP script or as a Ruby gem.

It can manage multiple databases on several servers, the application can also manage documents, and databases in a best way as well.

SQLite Manager

This is an open source and web-based database application, can manage multiple servers and needs minimum configuration. Built with PHP, it can control multiple databases.

With this application, the developer can run queries, convert MySQL queries into SQLite compatible and edit/design triggers.


A data management tool, this allows developers to manage the tables, columns, databases, permissions and several other things using a web-based user interface. This comes as packed in a single PHP file, it supports numerous database management system like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

After the developer has successfully logged into their account, they can do database management in a swift, effective and successful manner.

EMS SQL Manager Lite for SQL Server

This application permits developers to edit, design and execute SQL queries by using SQL server. With a user-friendly interface and multiple functions, this is a good alternative to the Ms SQL Server Management Studio.


A powerful and lightweight open source SQL relational database management, Firebird works on Linux and Windows OS.

Some attributes include full ACID reliable transactions, support for procedures and triggers that are stored, backups and multiple access processes like native/API, ODBS, .NET and Pearl.

SQuirrel SQL

A JAVA based DBA tool for JDBC compliant, SQuirrel SQL allows users to view the database structure while issuing SQL commands. This application supports various databases like PostreSQL, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, IBM and Firebird among others.

DB Comparer

A database comparison tool, this has an easy to use UI for analysis of differences in the MS SQL server database. After launching the DBComparer, you can choose which database to show on either side of the computer.

SQLite Database Browser

An open source which permits developers to create, edit and design SQLite database files, SQLite Database browser has multiple features that include the ability to create and modify databases, indexes, tables, and records.

After installation, the developer can either start an existing database or create a new database. Once the database has been loaded, the developer can look at the structure of the database, browse data and execute SQL commands.


A universal database tool, this helps you to manage a number of databases like H2, Informix, SQLite, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and Oracle database management tools among others.

Some of the attributes in the application are database browser for navigation through objects, visual support for creating and editing objects, import data from a file, a SQL editor with autocomplete and visual query building support, etc.


A database query tool, HeidiSQL supports 3 databases viz. MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostreSQL database. This helps to edit and browse data, edit and design tables, views, triggers and scheduled events.

Some features include managing multiple servers from a single window, export the database from other servers, modify bulk items, an advanced SQL syntax editor and repair data.After its installation, they must set up a connection with the database server.


This offers a range of functions for integration, visualizing and analyzing the information. It is used in intelligence, defense, and law enforcement, this application started to be used in several industries as well.

Some of the key attributes, include solutions for integration, visualizing and analyzing data, customized solutions, import or export of data, privacy and data protection policies and simplified workflow through data integration in one dashboard.

FlySpeed SQL Query

This enables to handle data with ease. The application supports several popular database servers like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL as well as file formats which includes Excel and CSV.

Moreover, this application can permit developers to browse and edit data in a database format that is either in customizable format or a grid format.

With this we conclude. What we have just mentioned, are only the best database management software, that can be used to perform work in an effective and good way. The above mentioned are one of the finest project management tools to manage database efficiently. If you have a good experience with any other database tools, besides what mentioned in the above DBMS tools list.