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Steganografie: Uw gegevens versleutelen of verbergen


Steganografie: bestanden verstoppen in andere bestanden...

Versleutelde bestanden wekken sowieso nieuwsgierigheid op. Wie kan de verleiding nou niet weerstaan om ze toch even proberen te openen met het vermoedelijke wachtwoord? Misschien kun je je geheimen beter verstoppen in onschuldige familiefoto’s of in je favoriete liedje. Je kunt namelijk bestanden in andere bestanden verstoppen in andere bestanden, dat heet ook wel steganografie.

De lijst hieronder komt van de website:

  1. Blindside by John Collomosse. Last known addresses:
  2. BMP Secrets by Parallel Worlds. Parallel Worlds is a company based in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. Tel.: +380 (44) 442 6077 Tel./Fax.: +380 (44) 442 0516 Pager: +380 (44) 461 0146 ab# 100252 GSM SMS: e-mail: · General Information: · Services: · Customer and Product Support: · Products Sales: · Web design: · Other questions: Visit Parallel Worlds page at Visit our steganography page at Visit BMP Secrets page at
  3. BMPEmbed v1.54 (DEMO) Data Embed by Brook Sandford and Ted Handel ( IMAGES: (BMP )
  4. BMPTable v2.16 (DEMO) Data Embed by Brook Sandford and Ted Handel ( Brook Sandford Ted Handel IMAGES: (BMP )
  5. Camouflage 2.0 by Frederic Peters. Last known contact information for the author: Frédéric Péters, rue Chantraine, 38 4420 Montegnée Belgique e-mail : IMAGES: (TGA (24-bit uncompressed, 640x480, minimum of 921618 bytes). Author recommends using PNG. )
  6. Contraband Hell Edition (CHE) by Julius B. Thyssen & Hens Zimmerman of Immortalware / JTHZ Productions based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Last known urls: or CHE runs on Win9x and process 24-bit BMP images
  7. Contraband, Contraband 9g by Julius B. Thyssen & Hens Zimmerman of Immortalware / JTHZ Productions based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Last known urls: or CHE runs on Win9x and process 24-bit BMP images
  8. Courier v1.0 by Kelce Wilson. Last known address: runs on Win32 systems and embeds in IMAGES: (BMP (24-bit - will convert lower resolutions to 24-bit) )
  9. Covert.tcp C source code for Covert Channels in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite by Craig H. Rowland. Published in f¡®sT - moñd@¥ (First Monday), Vol.2 No.5 - 5 May 1997. The article and source code are available from
  10. Data Stash v1.1, v1.1a Lim, Chooi Guan Previous addresses: Claims to embed in the following media: IMAGES: (any binary ) AUDIO: (any binary ) TEXT: (yes, but suggest avoiding ) FILE/DISK: (any binary ) OTHER: (any binary )
  11. dc-Steganograph The application is also known as: DC-Stego and DiSi-Steganograph. A DOS program that hides data in 320x200 256 color PCX-files. Author's last known address:
  12. DCT-Steg (aka DCT-Jpeg) by Stefan Katzenbeisser embeds in JPEG images by manipulating the DCT coefficients
  13. Digital Picture Envelope by the Digital Picture Enveloping Research Group. Product is based on the BPCS Steganography research. Previous addresses: The application runs on Win32. IMAGES: (BMP (adaptive) )
  14. Diskhide by MTC Medincom (Russia). DOS application that hides data on disks
  15. Dmagic by Ðerek de Oliveira (Russia) Previous addresses: and Hides files and folders on Windows systems
  16. DPT (Data Privacy Tool) by Bernard Last known URL: Hides in BMP images. The author recommends 24-bit BMPs
  17. EasyPrivacy Pro v2.1.1 by D4F Corp Last known addresses: Landstrasse 25, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein ( Europe ) or The application runs on Win32 systems and embeds in BMP images
  18. EIKONAmark by I. Pitas is now a series of watermarking products that embed in a variety of media types. The original EIKONAmark processed images: (input: BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, GIF output: TIF, TGA, JPG)
  19. Empty Pic by Robert Wallingford. Previous addresses:,, and URL: Empty Pic is a command line tool for Windows that "hides" a GIF image by replacing the palette with a single color. The original may be restored with the software.
  20. Encrypt Pic by Fredric Collin. Previous addresses:, The application runs on Win32 systems. Data is embedded in BMP images.
  21. Encrypted Magic Folders (EMF) (also Magic Folders) by PC Magic Software Addresses: This application hides and encrypts files and folders
  22. EzStego by Romana Machado, author of Stego1a2 for the Mac. EzStego is "steganography made easy" - previously available at EzStego is an implementation of Stego in Java. Stego is available at
  23. F5 by Andreas Westfeld (Dresden, Germany) Previous addresses: The application hides in JPEG images by manipulating the DCT coefficients
  24. FatMacPGP 2.6.3 Previous address: This application is for MAC computers
  25. FFEncode Hides data in a Morse code of null characters. The file maybe downloaded from (UK).
  26. Folder Guard Jr. (also see Folder Guard) by WinAbility (Andrei Belogortseff). Previous address: WinAbility, P.O.Box 5534 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-5534 U.S.A. WIN: (9x/Me/NT/2000 ) FILE/DISK: (hide files & folders )
  27. Folder Guard by WinAbility (Andrei Belogortseff). WinAbility? P.O.Box 5534 Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-5534 U.S.A. This product has more features than Folder Guard Jr. WIN: (Win 9x/Me/@K/XP/Vista ) FILE/DISK: (hide files & folders )
  28. Ghost Host by Kelce Wilson. Previous address: WIN: (Win ) FILE/DISK: (Hides (appends) "ghost" files at the end for other files. )
  29. Gif-It-Up by Lee Nelson. Win32 application that hides in GIF images.
  30. Gifshuffle by Matthew Kwan (Darkside Technologies) - Australia. Previous addresses: WIN: (Win (DOS) ) IMAGES: (GIF (palette manipulation) )
  31. Giovanni by BlueSpike, Inc (Scott Moskowitz). Bluespike offers watermarking products for various media formats
  32. Gzsteg by Andy Brown and Ken Pizzini hides in GZ compressed files and is available at
  33. Hermetic Stego by Peter Meyer, Hermetic Systems This program is capable of hiding in a BMP image or across multiple BMP images. More information and download from
  34. Hidden by Evgeny Vasjuk Previous addresses: FILE/DISK: (hide files and folders )
  35. Hide and Seek by Colin Maroney Hide and Seek 4.1 (Finland) and Hide and Seek 5.0 is significant update to hideseek v4.1 which includes a lot of new features. Available at (UK) Hide and Seek for Windows 95 is also available
  36. Hide In Picture by Davi Tassinari de Figueiredo. Previous addresses: PORTUGAL WIN: (9x/Win32) IMAGES: (BMP )
  37. Hide Unhide (Hide) by GRYPHON Microproducts (no longer exists). Previous address: PO BOX 10087, Silver Spring, MD 20914, USA DOS command line IMAGES: (TIFF)
  38. Hide by Toby Sharp. Previous addresses: Secret Software WIN32 IMAGES: (24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale )
  39. Hide4PGP by Heinz Repp hides data in BMP, WAV, and VOC files. Available from the author's website: (Germany)
  40. Hideme (Hide Me) for Windows (encryption tool) by Terry Mechan Olympic Communications Previous address: Hides files & directories by encrypting them and placing them in a "hide me" file
  41. In Plain View (IPV) by 9-Yards Computing. Previous addresses: Win32 IMAGES: (BMP (24-bit) )
  42. InThePicture (ITP) 2.01, 2.02 by INTAR Technologies. Previous addresses: 23 Sapphire Drive Barons Wood Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire, CV31 3LB ENGLAND Administrative Contact, Billing Contact: Hogg, Ash (AH2184) ash@INTAR.COM Intar Technologies Limited 12 Penfold Close Bishops Tachbrook Leamington Spa CV33 9SF UK +44-(0)1926-426621 (FAX) +44-(0)1926-426621 WIN: (9x ) IMAGES: (BMP (4-bit, 8-bit, 24-bit) )
  43. Invisible Encryption by Bernd Binder Fractal Iteration of Information (FITIN) Germany (down for some time) Written in JAva IMAGES: (GIF )
  44. Invisible Files 2000 (IF2000), Pro v5.0 (IF2000 Pro) by ANNA Ltd. Previous addresses: Technical Support: Any other questions: FAX: (508) 355-8507 WIN: (9x ) FILE/DISK: (hides files and folders )
  45. Invisible Secrets (numberous versions - also marketed as 1-2-Free Steganography) originally by NeoByte? Solutions. Headquarters: Aleea Rogerius 12 Bloc H1, Ap. 11 Oradea Romania Previous addresses: Corporate WWW: Invisible Secrets homepage : WIN: Win32 Claims to hide in: IMAGES: (BMP, PNG, JPG) AUDIO: (WAV) TEXT: (HTML)
  46. jpeg-jsteg DOS hides information in the DCT coefficients of JPEG's JFIF image format. FTP-Server: (Finland)
  47. JPHS (aka JPHide JPSeek, JP hide and seek) by Allan Latham Previous address: Windows Command line and linux versions IMAGES: (JPG )
  48. JPHSWin by Allan Latham. A Windows OS graphical implementation of JPHS. WIN: (9x ) IMAGES: (JPG )
  49. Jsteg Shell by John Korejwa Previous address: GUI front end for jpeg-jsteg. WIN: (9x/NT ) IMAGES: ( JPG - LSB of DCT coefficients )
  50. Magic Folders (MF) (also see Encrypted Magic Folders) by RSE Software Inc.(PC Magic Software). FILE/DISK: (Hide files and folders )
  51. Makes Files Invisible (MFI) by PC Magic Software Previous address: MFI Registration 1157 57th Drive SE Auburn, WA 98092 (253) 939-4105 WIN: (3.x/9x ) FILE/DISK: (hide files )
  52. Mandelsteg by Henry Hastur DOS Command line product. Generates GIF images of Mandelbrot Fractal graphics for hiding data.
  53. Mimic by Peter Wayner. Generates text using context free grammar
  54. MP3Stego, MP3Stego_GUI by Fabien Petitcolas. AUDIO: (MP3 )
  55. MP3Stegz, by Achmad Zaenuri claims to hide a file (of any type) inside mp3 without changing it's size and sound quality. AUDIO: (MP3 )
  56. Nicetext by George Davida and Mark T. Chapman Previous addresses: Pseudo-random text-based stego using context-free grammer and customizable dictionaries
  57. Outguess by Niels Provos Another tool for hiding in DCT coefficients of JPEG images.
  58. Paranoid by Nathan Mariels. Paranoid is primarily an encryption program that allows you to encrypt files with IDEA, triple DES, and an algorithm written by the author Nathan Mariels. It is a steganography program in that it allows you to hide files in sounds. FTP-Server: (The Netherlands)
  59. PGE - Pretty Good Envelope Hides data file into a GIF or JPG file of any size or resolution using a very simple method of appending the message to the file, and then appending a 4 byte little endian number which points to the start of the message. The encryption used is considered "weak" by the author, using another encryption method prior to applying PGE is recommended. Download from Version 1.0 (includes encryption) (UK) or version 2.0 (does not include encryption) (US).
  60. PGM Stealth by Timo Rinne and Cirion oy Available at (Finland) IMAGES: (PGM )
  61. PGPn123 A Windows front-end to PGP, which will hide a text file inside text. Basically a PGP shell tool that also includes a steganography option. Two versions are available: (freeware) and an enhanced version (shareware). Both may be available at (US)
  62. PicSecret by Andrew Lee (Cortic Software). PicSecret allows users to hide text messages in images. Available for Mac OS X (free) and as a web-interface online at
  63. PIILO, PILO by Tuomas Aura (now with Microsoft Research). Hides in PGM images
  64. PixelTag by Joshua Smith and Barrett Comiskey (previously with MIT Media Lab). Previous address:
  65. Puff v1.01, 2.00 and OpenPuff v2.00, v3.01 by Cosimo Oliboni (Italy): Puff/OpenPuff is a significant rewrite and uses multiple encryption algorithms. Puff 2.X is not compatible with v 1.01. Due to a cryptography rewrite, v3.X is not compatible with v2.X. V3.00 was removed due to a bug in the unhiding routine - this is fixed in v3.01. Carriers for steganogrphic content includes: Images: (BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA), Audio: (AIFF, MP3, NEXT/SUN, WAV), Video: (3GP, FLV, MP4, MPG, SWF, VOB) in unused space, Files: (WIN PE MODULES).
  66. S-Mail by Security Software Development (SSD) Ltd. Previous addresses: Nassau - BAHAMAS Versions for DOS 5.0+ and Win32 Hides in EXE and DLL files
  67. S-Tools by Andrew Brown - S-Tools hides in a variety of cover media. This software is a good illustration of different versions hiding in different media. These versions cover hiding in BMP, GIF, WAV, and even on unused floppy disk space. Download: S-Tools 1.0 S-Tools 2.0 S-Tools 3.0 S-Tools 4.0 FTP-Server: (Finland)
  68. Safer v2.0 (kill v1.2, unkill v2.0) by C. Petermann (CpH). Versions available for DOS 5.0+, OpenDOS, Win32, and Amiga operating sytems Hides data on floppies
  69. SandMark watermarking software by Christian Collberg and Gregg Townsend. Previous address: Unix/Linux: ( ) Watermarks Java code
  70. ScramDisk by Anonymous (AMAN) Author of the program wishes to remain anonymous. ScramDisk support could once be obtained through the newsgroup. The author uses the pseudonym AMAN. Information about Scramdisk is hosted by Sam Simpson. ( Previous address: Several products have been derived from Scramdisk. A sourceforge project is also avilable providing Scramdisk 4 Linux (SD4L) based on this product. Win32 AUDIO: (WAV )
  71. Scytale by Patrick Buseine is a Windows PGP interface that includes an option to hide data in .PCX files. Previous website (France)
  72. SGPO (SteganoGifPaletteOrder) by David Glaude and Didier Barzin. Previous contact information: David GLAUDE: Didier BARZIN: Written in Java IMAGES: (GIF (palette) )
  73. Secret Layer steganography software by EasySector Software (Ukraine) is a MS Windows-based appliction to embed messages in image pixel data. For more information see the developer's page at
  74. SilentEye by Anselme Chorein. SilentEye is a cross-platform application with binaries and source code available for Windows and Linux with MAC OSX version coming soon. Steganographic processing supports BMP images and WAV audio files.
  75. Snow (also variants include !SnowDOS, SnowJava, JSnow By Matthew Kwan is available in both DOS and JAVA executable formats. "snow exploits the steganographic nature of whitespace. Locating trailing whitespace in text is like finding a polar bear in a snowstorm. And it uses the ICE encryption algorithm, so the name is thematically consistent." Information and software is available at (Australia)
  76. Snowdisk by Scott G. Miller. Previous address: Linux software for hiding on unused diskspace. Fills the disk space with the encrypted contents of and random data.
  77. Spam Mimic (spammimic) by David Mckellar. See: for more information Generates spam-like text and fake PGP blocks to hide data
  78. Spyder by Lucas (Luke) Natraj. Command line tool IMAGES: (BMP 8-bit )
  79. Stash (Stash-It) by Chris Losinger, Smaller Animals Software, Inc. Previous Contact information: Administrative Contact, Billing Contact: Losinger, Chris (CL4280) chrisdl@PAGESZ.NET Smaller Animals Software, Inc. 8701 Walkelin Ct Raleigh, NC 27615 919-844-7951 (FAX) 9198447951 Win32 IMAGES: (256-color PCX, BMP / 24-bit BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX)
  80. Stealth A PGP tool for steganography which strips any standard headers off of a PGP encrypted message to make the result look like random noise. Download from Adam Back's site (UK) Version 2.01b is avilable at (The Netherlands) Versions are also available at: (Finland)
  81. Stealthencrypt Internet Security Suite by Herb Kraft or Amy Seeberger, Sublimated Software. Previous contact information: 703 Pier Avenue B330 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 Windows IMAGES: (BMP, TIF )
  82. Steg by Fabio is a cross-platform software, written in C++. Uses steganography and cryptography techniques to hide information inside uncompressed and compressed images. JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP image formats are supported. With it's easy graphical user interface is possible to fine tune steganography parameters, evaluate image's artifacts and use both symmetric-key and asymmetric-key cryptography. Visit the developer's site at (Italy).
  83. Stegano (also WinStegano and steg_win) by Thomas Biel DOS and Windows applications for hiding data in BMP images
  84. Steganos - Steganos Security Suite by Fabian Hansmann ( hides data in BMP, VOC, WAV and ASCII files. See for the latest information. (Germany) Earlier versions of steganos are available at: (Finland) Steganos 1.4 is a small DOS program Steganos for Windows 95 is an upgrade version 1.4 The Steganos Security Suite was introduced in version 2.0 Version 3r5 is avilable at (The Netherlands)
  85. StegFS (Steganographic File System) by Andrew D. McDonald. Previous addresses: Linux
  86. Steghide by Stefan Hetzl. Source code is aviailable and several ports are available for different operating systems. IMAGES: (BMP) AUDIO: (WAV, AU )
  87. StegMark (also StegComm and StegSign) by DataMark Technologies (Singapore). Contact information: DataMark Technologies Pte Ltd Suite 106, Innovation Centre, Block 1, 16 Nanyang Drive Republic of Singapore 637722 Tel: (65)-793-7725 (65)-793-7726 Fax: (65)-793-7790 Email: Claims to embed in multiple file formats and media types IMAGES: (BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, TIFF, PNG ) AUDIO: (MIDI, WAV, AVI, MPEG )
  88. Stego - Steganosaurus, Stegosaurus by John Walker - Text-based steganography program to send encrypted messages and files. For more information and syntax see: (Switzerland) public domain.
  89. Stego (Stego v1.0a2) by Romana Machado is a steganography tool that enables you to embed data in Macintosh PICT format files, without changing the appearance or size of the PICT file. Thus, Stego can be used as an "envelope" to hide a previously encrypted data file in a PICT file, making it much less likely to be detected. Available at: and (The Netherlands)
  90. Stego PNG by Peter Meyer, Hermetic Systems This program hides in PNG and BMP images. More information and download from
  91. Stegodos also known as Black Wolf's Picture Encoder by Black Wolf. This is a command line tool (actually several) that hide in 256-color screen captures. The screen captures are 320x200. Available at (Finland) and (Italy)
  92. Stegotif by Giovambattista Pulcini. Previous addresses: Win32 command line IMAGES: (TIFF, TGA (LSB 24-bit RGB) )
  93. Stegowav by Giovambattista Pulcini Previous addresses: Command line tool (WinDOS) AUDIO: (RIFF (8/16 bits) PCM wave (.WAV) )
  94. Stegowav by Peter Heist. Previous addresses: and Java code AUDIO: (Microsoft WAV )
  95. StegParty by Steven E. Hugg. Previous Contact Info: Hamco Software (COMETBUSTERS-DOM) 1249 Turkey Point Rd Edgewater, MD 21037 USS Previous e-mail hugg@POBOX.COM Unix/Linux Generates text to hide data (not random gibberish)
  96. Stext by Ulrich Kuehn. Previous address: Command line application that generates text to hide information
  97. SubiText also TextSign Watermark by Previous contact information: Opelstr. 10 D-67661 Kaiserslautern-Siegelbach Germany phone: (+49) 06301 - 703340 fax: (+49) 06301 - 703119
  98. Suresign (Signum) by Signum Technologies Windows and MAC versions of the watermarking application. Claims: IMAGES: (Invisible watermark and visible logo with Photoshop Plug-in ) AUDIO: (WAV files with the Cool Edit Audio Plug-in )
  99. SysCop by MediaSec Technologies LLC Previous contact information: MediaSec Technologies LLC 321 South Main Street, Suite 2 Providence, RI 02903 USA Tel: (401) 453 6363 x 108 Fax: (401) 453 0444 Email: Digital watermarking products for for Windows, Mac, and Linux Carriers: Images, MPEG-1, MPEG-2
  100. Textego by Chirs Huson. Previouis address: TEXT: (substituion cipher that makes text files look like a cross between mad libs and bad poetry )
  101. TextHide (see SubiText)
  102. Texto Texto by Kevin Maher is a text steganography program which transforms uuencoded or PGP ascii-armoured ascii data into English sentences. Texto text files look like something between mad libs and bad poetry, (although they do sometimes contain deep cosmic truths) and should be close enough to normal english to get past simple-minded mail scanners. FTP-Server: (Finland)
  103. Virtual Steganographic Laboratory (VSL) by Michal Wegrzyn is a graphical block diagramming tool that allows complex using, testing and adjusting of methods both for image steganography and steganalysis. VSL provides friendly GUI along with modular, plug-in architecture. Available at Sourceforge.
  104. VisualCrypto (Visual Cryptography) by Jouko Holopainen . Previous contact information: Purjehtijantie 4 A 10 FIN-90560 Oulu FINLAND as of 1996-05-14 Versions for Windows, MAc, and Linux IMAGES: (Input from PGM (B&W) images and output to Postscript (PS). )
  105. Vodka-tonic by lordlsd is a cryptography-steganography hybrid tool. It can hide data into different filetypes and encrypt the information. Available at
  106. wbStego by Werner Bailer is a steganography to hide data in bitmaps, text files and HTML files. Available at (Austria)
  107. WitnesSoft No longer available. Used to be offered by Aliroo. WitnesSoft contained DocSec - Invisible, scannable label for organizational document security. PrintAuthentic - Invisible, programmable background for official document authentication. SoftProtect - Built in marking mechanism for software protection. CopyRight - invisible page marking of for copyright protection of printed intellectual property.
  108. Wnstorm - White Noise Storm Wnstorm (White Noise Storm) is a cryptography and steganography software package which you can use to encrypt and hide files within PCX images. Available at (Finland)
  109. Xidie Security Suite Xidie is one of the most complete, innovative and complex application in steganography branch. Offer over 50 carrier types including many new technologies like ADS, Microsoft Office carrier, Registry keys etc. Most of carrier types implemented in Xidie are unique:Tiff and Word, Excel workbooks, Access databases Registry keys, Microsoft console documents, Event log files Cookies, subtitles, dictionary and PDF documents, Alternate data streams and attaching method with multiple files carrier. Commercial site: Technical specifications:
  110. Z-File (Zfile Camouflage and Encryption System) by INFOSEC Information Security Company, Ltd. (Taiwan) Previous addresses: (no longer) (no longer) Win32 application IMAGES: (BMP)
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